Discussion on Mana and Other Resources

I have written a new topic on the Forums. See an excerpt below.

“From many other roleplay games you may be used to items like Arrows and Bullets and maybe other types of resources like Mana or Health. These are all things you must manage in order to maximise your damage. What i want to do for Shadevil would not involve these things though. Of course Health would be a resource…”

If you’d like to read more, please visit the Forums or specifically General Discussion.

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The Forums: Shadevil Notes

Hey followers,

For some time now ive been posting ideas and thoughts i have at random for what Shadevil, my next game, will end up like. A lot of these ideas have been in my head for a long time, but without the money or motivation to start full scale development, i’m limited to notin down these ideas on the Forums. I feel that you, the people still following my progress since The Shadow of Evil’s end, will probably want to know more about my plans. Here is an exerpt from one of my latest posts.

“I may have hinted at this before in my post about Weapon Skills but your skills or so called ‘class’ will not be set in stone. Im aiming for it to be dynamic based upon how you build your player. Equipped a great sword? Get big, visceral abilities. Equipped a bow? Get rapid, ranged abilities. I’ll achieve this by starting the player out as a Civilian with maybe only a handful of basic abilities. They can then go to any profession trainer in order to gain knowledge about that professions abilities. Lets take a generic example from…”

If you’d like to read more, please visit the Forums or specifically General Discussion.

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The Lost Designs

I don’t know if I ever shared this with you but quite a long time ago, as I was preparing to set up this WordPress site, I attempted to come up with a new design for this place.

Something a bit darker and more in line with my tastes.

Here are the results of my work.

They’re not that great and not even finished but I figured I’d share them anyway.

Some of you have asked about progress on Shadevil. It is non-existent. I am earning a good wage at the moment and I am debt-free at last. I am working as a developer which drains a lot of my energy which leaves me nothing for any personal development. There will be a time when I return to create another game, but I’m unsure when that will be.

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Shadevil Landing Page Updated

This is just a brief notification to let you know I have updated the landing page at shadevil.com to include the Map and Map Editor that I developed some time ago. I have made an adjustment to make it easier to use. When you hover over a square it will now be highlighted. This works best in Firefox 4 (tested) but the latest version of other browsers are not working as well as expected. This is where I suddenly lost interest in fixing more monotonous cross-browser bugs. I had actually planned to make it stand-alone so it does not require a login but i discovered that it wasn’t possible.

So after discovery of these 2 issues, I decided I will be remaking the map and map editor, it may also include some extra features, and i can guarantee that it will be much more user friendly than the existing version. Also, by recreating it with my current level of experience, I will be able to make it plug into Shadevil quite easily on release.


PS. I hope my last post wasn’t too upsetting lol :D

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Apologies for the lack of activity

What is your resolution this year? Mine is to smile more! Please share yours in the comments.

I’ve been busy working for the most part, trying to survive and get my money together. I have started applying to other Web development jobs to get a better wage. I am currently on minimum wage (pretty much). With my skill set and experience, I should definitely be on a lot more than im on. Its been 15 months and ive asked many times for more money. Its not coming, so im going.

Thats all i really wanted to share with you guys. I hope you all have a great 2011!
Happy new year!

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